SAY IT! Verbs followed by ‘to + infinitive’ Examples: 1.

. 8 Good topics of conversation (venue, things going on around you, sport, weather, travel, countries, companies, jobs/ roles, the last time you were in contact, people you both.

Acknowledging or respond to the question or statement.


You booked this room for an important meeting with a client today at 4pm. Meetings 5: Problem-Solving and Brainstorming Gold Series 6. Stating objectives Today, we are here to discuss last month’s sales.


Workplace Discrimination. class=" fc-falcon">• Let's hold a meeting to discuss the policy changes. Each section features audio, target.

Many of them - such as the phrases for expressing opinions, agreeing,. Then take turns doing the same with your choice of topics below.

They say the trick to facing your fear is to turn it into something fun but that’s easier said than done! Especially if you’ll need to be using your business English skills at the same time.

Starting negotiations Requests.

BUSINESS ENGLISH PHRASES Meetings In English Super Triple Pack Series One 1. These captions show definitions and images to help you understand business English phrases in context.

He could afford to buy luxurious cars. Introduction.

2 • Presenting in English: Section 2 • Exploiting visuals • Pronunciation point: Intonation (sections 3.
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2 Discussion flowchart 47.

Idioms Conversation Questions.

. Useful Phrases for Meetings Business Meetings in English Introductions & openings Good morning/afternoon everyone. .

Let’s have a conversation in the comments section! What other phrases do you know that you can use to speak up? Have you used them before? Let us know. We collected advice both on social practices of good meetings as well as on. I will send a notice about the next. Could you all have a seat, please? 1. /. 9) • Business Meeting Simulation #1 • PRESENTATION #1: EXPLAINING A CHART OR DIAGRAM 3 • Presenting in English: Section 3 • Pronunciation point: Chunking, stress, pacing (sections 3.

BEP 368 – Scenario Planning 2: Discussing Possible Scenarios.

. “Can I say something?”.

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Telephoning is an important part of doing business in English.


Develop your business English skills with classmates in live group classes, get business English.