The weight of the engine is about 160 kilograms.

1. It is equipped with popular Double-VANOS camshaft and light-weight aluminum-magnesium engine block along with lighter connecting rods and pistons.



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It was used for BMW models with 30i index.

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However, BMW fans are not deterred by all of these problems. Januar 2022 um 13:40.

With a different tune and a three-stage intake that differentiated it from the 328i that followed in 2007, the 330i produced an amazing 255 horsepower.

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Each engine has been tested to ensure that the engine can be used directly and. .

There's people with over 100k mi on just basic service alone, and the power is really nice for the size and weight of the car, plus there's a good amount of aftermarket support if you.

ses mesures calibre et course Ils sont 82x78.

82kg/kW. The specifications are as follows: power – 177 HP at 5,800 rpm, 230 Nm of torque at 3,500-5,000 rpm. The specs are as follows: Power – 258 HP at 6,100 rpm, 310 Nm of torque at 1,600-4,250 rpm.

The compression ratio rating. The average consumption in the city per 62 miles is 13. 5: 30 000 km/ 24 months: 640i xDrive Gran Coupé (2013 – ) N55B30: 6. Production. . .


150 kW / 204 HP at 6400 rpm. It was used for BMW models with 23i index.

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N52B30 (160kW 270Nm) BMW 3 E90 325i: 2005-2007 E90/E92/E93 325i/325xi sedan, coupe and convertible (North American markets only).



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